Difference Between Tango and Skype

Tango vs. Skype Tango Tango is an application or software from which you can make free calls to…

Tango vs. Skype


Tango is an application or software from which you can make free calls to users provided that the other party also uses the application. Tango can be best described as a voice over IP (multimedia) application. Some listed phones especially Apple and Android users can download and install the application from app store instantly. This application uses your mobile number as its username and registers automatically avoiding the long step of registration which is an advantage for this application. The official website estimates the registering time for the application as 5 seconds.

Tango is very much easy to use as it uses the same address book in your phone and also shows a tag besides the name of the user those who have installed Tango in their phone. It will use your data plan though you can call them freely. Tango can connect people from all over the world with a minimum requirement of 3G or Wi-Fi.

The significant feature of Tango is it uses your mobile number as its username and also uses the address book of your phone to contact with the users. At the same time, it has disadvantages also in the framework of privacy. Video call cameras could be switch while talking.


Skype is an application or software that allows free voice and video calls between Skype users. Skype can be said as VoIP (Voice over IP Protocol) client to receive or make voice and video calls. Through Skype, you can call to any phone number worldwide at per minute rate charging and connection fees, to send SMS, file sharing, Chat, call forwarding and conferencing. Till date only 24 countries can receive calls to Skype software and Skype to Go Number to access calls via Skype from places you go.

Difference between Tango and Skype

  1. Skype and Tango both supports video calling but you can swap your camera to show what is around you in Tango.
  2. All compatible devices support Skype and it can use same pair of username and password to login whereas Tango supports only a specified Apple and Android phones. Phone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch, Galaxy S and EVO 4G are some of the models that support Tango.
  3. Tango synchronizes the phone address book but Skype does not.
  4. Skype uses its own proprietary CODEC.
  5. Chat, SMS, Skype in and Skype out is possible in Skype but not in Tango. It is assumed that soon Tango will come up with these features as well.


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