Difference between Ubuntu and Debian

Ubuntu vs. Debian A lot of Linux distributions are popular among people who want to use a free…

Ubuntu vs. Debian

A lot of Linux distributions are popular among people who want to use a free operating system. Debian is such an oldest distribution of Linux and has been in existence for more than two decades. Debian had some shortcomings such as slow cycles of developments.  After Debian, Ubuntu came into existence in year 2004. After every six years, new versions of Ubuntu are in the market that ensures enhanced compatibility with various wide range of other applications.


Thanks to its performance and robustness, this operating system is ranked as one of the top most OS. Some of its variations are also known as Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Shubuntu. Derived from the same source, these have some differences as well.  Ubuntu utilizes Gnome desktop environment and is compatible with native Gnome applications.  It provides unmatched security and support. It is licensed free and can be used on other computers. Unlike, other open source languages, it is reliable, effective, secure, and quick to install. Online support is also available for Ubunto. Switching to Ubuntu from Windows OS is easy.


On the other hand, Debian also runs on the same desktop or software as Ubuntu, Gnome and Open Office. Debian also uses rebranded version such as IceDove and IceWeasel, known earlier as Thunderbird and Firefox respectively.  Debian stood second among Operating System in its earlier days but is not used much widely nowadays. It is completely decentralized and an Open Source program.


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