Difference between Uggs and Bearpaw

Uggs vs. Bearpaw Boots, ask ladies, and you will only be surprised to hear that how many varieties…

Uggs vs. Bearpaw

Boots, ask ladies, and you will only be surprised to hear that how many varieties are there in the market! Though, for men, they all are same. Talking about ladies interest here, we are going to take you into the stylish aura of stylish boots. In winters, you may have seen wearing many ladies wearing either Uggs or Bearpaw. Apart from different shoe labels, there are still lots of differences that need to be understood to qualify for the award of true fashionista.

Uggs are unisex sheepskins footwear. Any Uggs fanatic will tell you even the subtle difference between the rip offs and original ones. They are tanner and have more volume on inner side to to reduce the moisture to maintain the temperature of feet during cold weather. Stitches are clean to give the Uggs more stylish and swanky appeal.  Apart from the basic sheepskins, these are now also made from kangaroo fur and leather.

Bearpaw, on the other hand, is another well-known and widely liked sheepskins boots manufacturer. They target cost-sensitive market. Depending on the prices, their designs differ from the bare basics of laces and pull-on. As these are made of sheepskins, these maintain the warmth of your feet and can be worn without socks even in winters by maintaining the circulation of air inside the shoes.

The Bearpaws are identical in terms of features and sometimes, in design as well. These are inexpensive but the authenticity; comfort and durability of these boots in comparison to the Uggs have always been a question for consumers. Though, both the manufacturers claim to provide thermostat properties and comfort to the consumers, along with style and durability, the choice, for most consumers, depend on prices and loyalty for a brand.


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