Difference between Vinyl Fence, Wood Fence and Chain Link Fence

Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence vs. Chain Link Fence Safety of the home is very important. Fortunately, as…

Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence vs. Chain Link Fence

Safety of the home is very important. Fortunately, as the years progress, so do the available resources to fulfill this aspect. Fences are more than just a way to decoratively surround the perimeters of your house. You will be happy to know that some types of fences were created to serve certain purposes quite effectively. It is up to your needs or wants to choose among them. Consider adding some vinyl, wood or chain link fences to glam up the outside of your home and ensure the maintenance of your protection and privacy. If you are having trouble deciding on what you should get based on your need or want, then turn to stylish landscaping tips or to best security measures.

The fences that you can expect to buy are made from:

  • Wood
  • Polymer
  • Post and rail
  • Chain link
  • Vinyl

The initial step to take is to determine through some helpful criteria what will fit your house following the overall decorative arrangement of your abode from classic to modern or simple to sophisticated.

Maintenance: Wood Fence

You can see most suburban U.S. homes featuring wood fences. Why? It is simply for the reason that they are convenient, cheap and also effective in keeping the noise or even burglars out and maintaining your intimate family moments in. in addition to that, wood fences do not fall short in terms of design as you can easily paint or stain them to blend in or enhance the look of your home. If you get a good set of wood fences, you are set for life with the durability it provides. Just make sure that you will do your part in keeping them in the proper condition as owners.

Function: Chain Link Fence

When it comes to maintenance, chain links lead the bunch. Though they do come with a comparatively higher price, this type of fence is able to perform the duties as wood fence does if not better. However, this sort of function does entail more effort to keep its condition. Nevertheless, having children around calls for the use of chain link fences to keep them extra safe and value is definitely achieved through that.

Exterior Design: Vinyl Fence

Finally, you have to opt for a vinyl fence if you want to go for style as seen in the trending American home designs. Though it gives highest priority to the aesthetic contribution rather than the security of a property, a major plus side is that vinyl fences are not at all difficult to maintain or tidy up. Just splashing some water and soap every once in a while will do. Perhaps an edge that vinyl fences have over the other two is its vibrant shades available. It also boasts one of the longest lasting qualities in the market for fences.


As you can see, all three have their area of expertise. These key descriptions may hopefully provide a good basis for your decision. Ultimately, fences should suit the house residents and not the other way around. You are ready to buy your new house fence if you think about:

  • Wood Fences are for simple functions and durability that provide the most cost-effective solutions for housing security and style.
  • Chain Link Fences are appropriate selections for houses or properties where children play though special maintenance measures are required.
  • Vinyl Fences are more geared towards making areas look good rather than safe.

Another thing that you have to think about it the reputation of the manufacturer you will buy fences from as this is crucial to achieve the purposes from a particular type you want.

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