Difference Between wife and girlfriend

Wife vs. girlfriend Wife or girlfriend, ask men and they will smile slyly. Though, if asked to different…

Wife vs. girlfriend

Wife or girlfriend, ask men and they will smile slyly. Though, if asked to different man each time, there could be infinite differences, yet I have tried to comprehend some basic yet strikingly different characteristics between them. To start with, a legally married female is termed as wife whilst a girlfriend could be a friend or more but not married.  You would not need any legal requirement to call it over whereas, in case of your wife or marriage, you may end up doing rounds of courts and paying up a hefty alimony.

Your female partner in the marriage is wife.  Her status in the law, in community and culture, decides your responsibility towards her.  The wife is close to the word bride who has been your wedding partner but the term ‘wife’ is used mostly during and post marriage. Similarly, before wedding you are the groom and afterwards, become husband.  Since she is a part of the family, a wife has all the rights to take decision and participate in all family occasions.

Usually, a girlfriend does not have the privilege to show up in the family occasions and raise her voice in family matters.  Neither can she make medical nor legal decision on behalf of her boyfriend. Also, she cannot be eligible for any insurance money or for social security. She may stand for you in hard times but she does not share a family relationship with you. Both of you do not share any kind of responsibilities towards each other-socially and legally.

A wife takes care of you and your family, the word ‘wife’ is an honor to a married.

Again, girlfriend and girl friend are two different terms nowadays. Any girl with whom you share platonic, healthy and non-sexual relationship is your girl friend but this is not a rule. For instance, if a girl is dating a boy but without any sexual tension between them, she can certainly be termed as girlfriend or girl friend.


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