Dish Network vs.Direct TV

The difference between Direct TV and Dish Network The choices that homeowners have in home entertainment are so…

The difference between Direct TV and Dish Network

The choices that homeowners have in home entertainment are so varied nowadays and are not limited to the services of the local cable company. The choice of channels available with Cable TV is limited, but the scenario has changed with satellite TV. Customers have more control over their television viewing opportunities with satellite TV service providers such as Direct TV and Dish Network. With both of these subscribers can choose the channels they want to watch.

About Dish Network

One of the largest providers of satellite TV service in the US is Dish Network with about 14 million subscribers all over the country. The company was established in 1996 and now owns many satellites and even leases some satellites to other companies. It has many different competitors, one of which is Direct TV and is faced with competition from some larger cable companies. Dish Network is on the list of Fortune 500 companies.

About Direct TV

Direct TV is a satellite company in the US but it also beams satellites to subscribers in Canada and Latin America. This company was established in 1994 and today has about 18 million subscribers. It competes for customers with Dish Network as well as cable companies. It does have exclusive rights with popular sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket as well as major tennis and golf tournaments. The satellite dish used with Direct TV is smaller than that of Dish Network. The receiver is integrated and there is a Direct Access TV card. There is a monthly fee associated with this service.

Difference between Dish Network and Direct TV

Both Dish Network and Direct TV advertise that they offer more channels for their subscribers and that the clarity of the channels is so much better than the other. This makes it very difficult for consumers to know which provider they should choose. They both make use of state of the art technology to make their services better and to appeal to more customers. Because they are in direct competition with each other, the monthly fees and the package deals they offer are very similar.

Both of these satellite television providers have lower prices than cable companies and offer a wider selection of channels to choose from. There are some differences, though, in the various channels they offer as well as in the packages, such as groups of sports packages, movie packages, music stations and HDTV.

In order to choose whether you want to subscribe to Dish Network or Direct TV, one has to really read the fine print on the information available about both. This is because standard packages differ between the two companies. It also depends on your viewing needs because a person who is an avid football fan will definitely want to order Direct TV because it offers NFL Sunday Ticket.

Direct TV is susceptible to more hackers than Dish Network because it does not use internal cards. However, it has the highest number of channels in high definition. At the same time, Dish Network offers more variety with 350 channels and a lot more pay per view movies.

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