DJ vs. MC

Difference Between DJ and MC What is the difference between a DJ and an MC? Both a DJ and…

Difference Between DJ and MC

What is the difference between a DJ and an MC?

Both a DJ and an MC work at parties or get-togethers where they must perform in front of an audience. Both may be found at nightclubs, bars, and wedding receptions and they are often the person or people who are entertaining or talking to the people in the audience. Many people do not know what the difference between each role is and often when looking to book one or the other they are unsure of who to call. There are some distinct differences between a DJ and a MC.

A DJ is the abbreviated form for Disc Jockey and this is the person who is responsible for getting the music ready for an event. The DJ then plays the music to entertain the audience. A DJ may be employed in a number of different types of jobs. The most common type of DJ is found on the radio that you listen to everyday. This person is responsible for compiling the playlist of music that will be heard by listeners. Another type of DJ that is often well known about is the DJ that plays music in a bar or nightclub. These people are more elaborate in the music and type of equipment used. Club DJs often play Hip Hop music and use turntables to get the audience excited and ready to party. Some club DJs are considered Reggae DJs where they talk and rap to the audience in addition to playing music.

An MC or Master of Ceremonies is the person who is in control of the reception or event. The MC has a similar job to the DJ in that they must keep the audience entertained and to liven them up if need be. The MC is often the person with the microphone explaining the audience what is happening and is often cracking jokes and being funny. They are basically the host for the event. MCs are rare in nightclubs but when they are there they are often used as a way of controlling the audience.

MC’s rarely control or play the music. They are known more for giving speeches and introducing people such as the DJ. The DJ however does take time to talk on the microphone but is primarily in control of playing music. There are events where you will find both an MC and a DJ and each plays their own important role.

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