Dog vs. Fox

Difference Between Dog and Fox Dogs and fox are animals belonging to the Canine family; in fact, dogs…

Difference Between Dog and Fox

Dogs and fox are animals belonging to the Canine family; in fact, dogs are part of the Canis Lupus and are in close relation to the wolves. Foxes are part of the Vulpes genus. More of their differences would be unraveled by taking a closer look in them.

During the early period, wolves were captured and trained by our ancestors to help them in hunting activities. A dog is in reality the domesticated form of the wolf and has been bred carefully over the last millennia. Over the past years, the breeding has formed more than eighty five breeds which can be classified into four groups. A dog is considered to be indeed a man’s best friend since time immemorial, yet recent sightings have proved that a fox may in fact be man’s first best friend.

The fox is the widespread appellation for a large variety of species categorized under the Canidae family. Foxes are small to medium sized omnivores that are to be found in almost all parts of the world and most commonly in Europe and the Americans. One can find them living even in the Arctic Circle.

A recent survey carried out in the Middle East has indicated that humans and foxes were far more closer even before man and dog were. Since they are cousins, foxes and dogs share similar physical features, even though foxes have narrower snouts as compared to dogs and have bushier tails than breeds of dogs. Usually, dogs are large in size than foxes even though there are some breeds of dogs and especially toy dogs that are smaller than foxes.

Further, foxes were in reality sport for dogs during the olden days. In the present age, foxes are considered to be endangered species due to the hunting activities of the past. Dogs too are domesticated creatures while foxes are far more present in the wilderness. Foxes have a tendency to live lone lives in the wild forests, while dogs are essentially pack creatures and live in packs.

Although it is not finally established that foxes were the best friend of man, this would probably help in differentiating between the two.

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