Dog vs. Puppy

Difference Between a dog and a puppy What is the difference between a dog and a puppy? When people…

Difference Between a dog and a puppy

What is the difference between a dog and a puppy?

When people start looking for a pet they look at getting adog but in most cases they want to look at getting a puppy. Both dogs and puppies are sold in just about any pet store in the nation. They make great household pets but there are some big differences between dogs and puppies.

Dogs are the adult form of this breed of animal. We have seen pictures of men and dogs for hundreds of years and we know dogs as being man’s best friend. Dogs are known for being loyal to and protective of their masters. Puppies on the other hand are still babies. They have not reached adulthood.

Each puppy is born with a covering that is needed to protect them while inside the mother. After birth of the puppy, the mother removes this thin covering by licking it off of the puppy. Until puppies are four weeks old they get their food from their mother in the form of milk. They are then ready to drink milk on their own and eat solid or soft dog food.

If you have owned dogs and puppies you will know there are huge differences in the food they can eat. Puppies need food for nutrients that will help them grow whereas dogs need food that will maintain their health and weight. Puppies are like babies, they have fewer teeth than dogs, which they will they will lose in order to get their adult teeth.

Puppies are the pet of choice amongst children whereas older people prefer to get a dog that has already become an adult rather than a puppy. When you get a puppy you must be prepared to look after a baby. Puppies chew on everything, they need to be potty trained and they do not know their own strength in terms of biting. Care is needed when both puppies and dogs are around children until they are properly trained.

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