Dogs vs. Cats

Difference Betweendogs and cats What is the difference between dogs and cats? Throughout history both dogs and cats…

Difference Betweendogs and cats

What is the difference between dogs and cats?

Throughout history both dogs and cats have been considered important members of society. They have been considered gods and goddesses by ancient mythological societies. The respect once shown to dogs and cats is not the same today. Today, they are loved as household pets but are not considered to be mythological creatures possessing great powers.


  • If you were to look back into mythological stories and writings you would find many instances where dogs are mentioned. There have been stories written about dogs being the guide for spirits into the afterlife. Even today they are still considered protectors of their owners and families. Dogs are typically found sleeping at the feet of their owner or next to the door. Ancient pyramids show drawings of a dog at the entrance showing people how respected they are for their ability to guard humans.


  • When cats first became a domesticated animal they were primarily used as a way of getting rid of pests such as mice. Surprisingly, they have an extremely high sense of hearing and can see extremely well in the dark. These heightened senses are what give them the reputation for being great hunters. It is believed that cats have nine lives but it has never been proven.

When talking about the differences between dogs and cars there are the obvious difference but there are also more subtle differences separating the two animals. Dogs tend to take a more defensive stance whereas cats often go on the offense when they feel threatened. Dogs will stay with the pack when fighting, cats on the other hand like to mark their territory and stand alone. Dogs crave the attention of their owners whereas cats tend to be indifferent. At times they even pretend to sleep rather than be cuddled. Men prefer dogs and women gravitate to cats. It seems as if cats and dogs can sense the personality differences in men and women.

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