Domain Names .Com vs. .Net

Difference Between Domain Names .Com and .Net .Com and .net are two domain names which were initially created…

Difference Between Domain Names .Com and .Net

.Com and .net are two domain names which were initially created for different types of entities. .com was for commercial entities while .net was the network providers. With the time the number of internet users grew rapidly and the domain registration guidelines (RFC 1591) got blurred and it became unmanageable to process the registration for these domains. It was mandatory for the domain users to follow the guidelines as per RFC 1591 and the request for registration was rejected if it failed to comply with RFC 1591.

Later both these domains, known as Top Level Domains, were opened for all the internet users and they could register in any of these without any constraint. According to RFC 1591 .com is for companies and in future you may find sub domains within this which may be strictly made for commercial organizations unlike .com which is now open for many other organizations.

.NET was only for NIC and NOC computers, network node computers and administrative computers which are the computers of network providers. The users, ideally, were to have their own domain names. The process of validation of the type of organization is very costly and still not very reliable. With growing number of internet users the business of network organizations got blurred and both these top level domains were made available to the users.

The domain names can be registered under any of the domain provided, they are accredited by ICANN. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The registry gets information from the domain name registrar and publishes information using WHOIS protocol. If the users do not want their WHOIS information to be not viewable to public then they can get a private domain name registered by paying an additional charge.

Though the line between these two domain names has got blurred but .com is the most preferred domain name which is used by businesses as well as network companies. Apart from non-profit organizations, all the other organizations prefer to use .com. You can see that large organizations use both these domains and use .com for all their web activities while .net is used for email purposes. Technically there is hardly any difference between these two domain names.



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