Domestic marketing vs. International marketing

Difference Between domestic marketing and international marketing What is the difference between domestic marketing and international marketing? In…

Difference Between domestic marketing and international marketing

What is the difference between domestic marketing and international marketing?

In terms of the overall principles of marketing there are very few differences between domestic and international marketing. Each business that wishes to increase its customer’s base must have a very good marketing plan. Essentially the marketing plan will consist of information in regards to prices, promotions, goods and senses and how each will attract customers increasing the company’s overall sales and business. There was a time when companies concentrated their marketing in the local area, however today they are using international marketing in hopes of reaching customers from all over the world.

Domestic marketing refers to the marketing plans and strategies that a company implements within its own country. When marketing is done at the domestic level it is considered local and the business is not concerned with potential markets on the international level. This does not mean that the company is not competing against foreign businesses operating within the same country, as competition may be fierce; it simply means they are choosing to concentrate their marketing within the borders of their own country.

International marketing involve the targeting of consumers overseas. The strategies used in international marketing are often the same as in domestic marketing but the audience is larger. International marketing is used when companies want to concentrate on exporting goods and services to multiple countries rather than just the country of residence.

There are a number of benefits to using international marketing that are not found in domestic marketing; the first being the number of potential consumers that you will be reaching out to. There are no limits in that regard. In domestic marketing, there comes a time when you will start to see the market dying down and a new marketing plan is then needed. With the use of international marketing political relations between countries must be good if you want to see success overseas. In domestic marketing political relations is not a concern as you are only dealing with one country – your own.


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