Dope vs. Weed

Difference Between Dope and Weed Dope and weed are words that indicate the illegitimate drug marijuana. The way…

Difference Between Dope and Weed

Dope and weed are words that indicate the illegitimate drug marijuana. The way people use the terms determine the use of these two terms sometimes the actual difference between the two terms are forgotten.

If we look up the word ‘weed’ in the Dictionary then we are generally indicates any superfluous plant which leads to trouble when consumed. The word also indicates the cannabis or marijuana plant,. Marijuana is a commonly used banned psychotropic drug all over the world.

“Dope” is slang term indicating marijuana and weeds; however they are also associated with heroin and other drugs. It is true that that the uses of the two words are different, however they are linked drugs causing general psychoactive effects.

Not only smoking weed causes addiction, it has detrimental effects on the body. There are quite a few number of daily weed smokers who think weed helps them to get relieved from the daily stress. Marijuana’s psychoactive effects can indeed generate a feeling of “ecstasy” however when taken in large amounts it also causes behavioral changes.

Dope or heroin is one drug found usually in UK that is somewhat legally controlled. Considered as an anti-anxiety and analgesic drug, dope has similar effects as marijuana.

Regular weed (marijuana) consumers are likely to face issues with capacity of the brain like learning, memory etc. The sense of perception gets fuzzy due to the drugs effects and people display abnormal behavior. If these drugs are consumed at an early age as in the teens, there can be a sharp and noted lack of motivation that will affect their learning process and also their development.

After the effects of dope and weed fade, the consumers want to have them again. It is a form of addiction to these drugs. As these drugs affect the portion of brain controlling joy, senses and emotions, experts differ in opinion about the positive and negative effects of the drugs to the body. These drugs may have benefits to those who use them properly, however majority of the people are looking for the short term benefits to their every day life.

Psychoactive drug abuse has drastic results and regular use gets one addicted to these drugs. Advice from the a medical professional regarding their use can help one about their effects in the body


Summary ..:

1. “Weed” means unwanted plants that create some harm. Dope, is a slang that indicates psychoactive drugs.

2. Order “weed” also indicates marijuana. Dope is used for marijuana, and for the drug heroin as well.

3. Addiction to marijuana leads to issues with brain activities like memory, learning etc.



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