DoS vs. DDoS

Difference between DoS and DDoS Dos stands for Denial of Service. Dos is an attack by a single…

Difference between DoS and DDoS

Dos stands for Denial of Service. Dos is an attack by a single host which bars a service to the users. It does so by crashing the service offering computer or it may flood it. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is an attack which is carried out by multiple hosts at the same time.


In DoS attack resource computer is made unavailable to the users. It can be carried out in different ways and means. The aim is to stop the access to an internet site or service. It may be for a short period of time or may be permanently. Generally, credit card companies, banks, and other organization using high profile web servers are attacked by Dos attackers.

DoS attackers make the communication between a service computer and its users impossible by making the victim computer use its resources unnecessarily. As a result the actual or intended services become unavailable. The attackers may also act as obstruction between victim computer and it users.

In the first method the server computer is sent an infinite number of requests making the computer unable to respond to the intended users requests. The laws of various countries make it illegal to attack a server computer. DoS attacks are done on network devices such as routers, email servers, domain name system and web servers.


It is type of Dos. The attack in it is the result of a request from multiple systems. A DDoS attack is very easy with a malware. For instance, MyDoom is a malware which is used to carry out a DDoS Attack on a specific date and time. The target IP address is hardcoded by it. Zombie agents hidden inside a Trojan can be used in DDoS attack. Flaws in automatic systems listening to outside connections can be used by DDoS attackers to attack the security of a computer system. For instance, the DDoS tool named Stcheldraht can be used for the attack.

difference between DoS and DDoS

An attack aiming at denying a service to its users can be termed as a DoS attack. if the attack is done at the same time by multiple hosts, it will be called a DDoS. if the attack is done only by a single host, it will be termed as a DoS attack. DDoS attack is difficult to block as there are a large number of requests coming from different directions. The actual attacker is difficult to be found out. DDoS attacker may start the attack and then may be stay away. Other infected computers make requests to a host and do not realize that they themselves have been infected and have become the victims of the attack.


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