Doula vs. Midwife

Difference Between Doula and Midwife Doulas are medical personnel in companies that offer various types of medical treatment…

Difference Between Doula and Midwife

Doulas are medical personnel in companies that offer various types of medical treatment and care, both physically and emotionally, in the process of birth. Depending on experience and training, a doula can support during pregnancy, child birth, even after birth. One that supports mothers during labor is called a birth doula and the one that supports immediately after delivery is called postpartum doula. Although both midwife and doula can support in childbirth, a midwife is extensively trained and has the capability to provide medical care.

Doulas do not provide any medical treatment, but they can assist in medical checks, baby’s delivery or even a vaginal exam. In providing much needed physical and emotional care, doulas support has been shown to improve outcomes for both mother and child. Expectant mothers, especially those considered to have natural childbirth would consider a service of doula, or a midwife.  This is true for mothers who have had more than two births.

The thing is that everything depends on the mother and her background. Some mothers can only use the services of doulas without midwives. Doulas are mere assistants that can run a high risk of complications occurring in home. Doulas are particularly useful because they can perform variety of support activities, including providing soothing techniques, massage and aroma therapy, advice on the status of child and proper breathing, light exercise and work.

While doulas are very good, especially for births at home, they can not replace the services of midwives because they are certified and have the ability to deliver at home.

Summary :.

1. Mid wives are certified and trained to perform the birth activity while doulas are not.

2 Doulas do not provide medical treatment while midwives are the ones who are responsible for actual delivery process..

3. Midwives are qualified to perform medical examinations while doulas are not entitled to do so.

4 Doulas can provide emotional and mental support while midwives are professionals who do not do such activities.


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