Dove vs. Hawk

Difference Between Dove and Hawk The dove and the hawk are two kinds of extreme bird in case…

Difference Between Dove and Hawk

The dove and the hawk are two kinds of extreme bird in case of behavioral traits. The dove is soft, delicate, beautiful and a symbol of peace and tranquility. While, the hawk is seen as a cruel and intelligent bird full of violence and aggression. These two contrasting qualities of the birds gave rise to the use of adjectives for people demonstrating any of the qualities of a dove and hawk.

Is the world of politics dove and hawk are two words which have special use. No one knows for sure how the words began to be used to label politicians as doves and hawks. However, this is now a common practice to call someone aggressively chasing a bill or requesting the Senate to thrust for a war as a hawk. On the contrary, politicians seen as lenient or demanding efforts for peace on the warfront are called dovish.

During the Vietnam War, half of America protested against the war due to the huge expenditure and a seemingly unending long war. The side that wanted to continue the war and send more troops to Vietnam was labeled as hawks. On the other hand the doves were those who opposed the war and wanted the troops to be called back from Vietnam.

More recently, we called the Iraq war, launched by George Bush, hawkish while Clinton was seen as a dove in political circles.


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