Just fifteen years ago there were no big choices if you were to connect the video player to…

Just fifteen years ago there were no big choices if you were to connect the video player to your TV. It was mostly the SCART and the picture was slightly grainy and gave pretty much blank look. Today’s top picture quality, many yearn for, and many don’t know how to take advantage of it.

DVI, HDMI and DP? What is the difference?

The two most common digital connections used for computers and other entertainment devices are DVI and HDMI and DisplayPort (DP). At the same time, there are mini versions of all three which require their own transitions or adapters.


This is most commonly found on PCs and computer monitors today. It is relatively similar to the VGA connector in the performance by up to 24 drives and support for digital and analog image. DVI can transmit images with a resolution up to 1920 × 1200, or “dual-link” DVI can have up to 2560 × 1600 pixel resolution. DVI cable is designed for devices with lower resolution with smaller needles, so this is not desirable; you must therefore investigate before you buy.


Standard connection for TVs, Blu-ray players and other media players today are HDMI. Laptop computers and even cell phones start to get connection of HDMI as standard, so this type is not going to get away. HDMI cables and connections are also very easy to use and can easily be compared to USB. No needles and other things that are wrong and are flexible, so here it is mostly just “plug and play”. It could hardly be!


DisplayPort (DP) is one of the most recent connections today and is primarily used between computers and their monitors. This connection was meant to be the successor of DVI and VGA, and share a lot of similarities with HDMI in appearance and technology. The newer video cards and computers in DP are integrated with HDMI and DVI.

I want to know what is best!

If you can choose between DVI, HDMI and DP, we will say that HDMI is the one you should go for. If in addition, the latest edition of this standard you have, it is what gives most benefit because HDMI supports most of the innovations available today on the latest devices. In addition, the connection is standard on virtually anything that emits a picture now.

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