Drugs vs. Alcohol

Difference Between drugs and alcohol What is the difference between drugs and alcohol? Drugs and alcohol are often…

Difference Between drugs and alcohol

What is the difference between drugs and alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol are often lumped together as both have side effects that have a huge impact on a person’s life if used excessively. However, both are not the same and in fact do have some huge differences. While drugs and alcohol are often seen as being bad both do have some usefulness and have been found to have many benefits if used correctly. However, all too often people misuse both drugs and alcohol to the point that they become addicted to both. When used correctly both have been proven to fight diseases and cure illnesses.

Alcohol refers to a substance that contains the following: isopropyl, methanol and ethanol. Alcohol has been used for centuries as a medicine or antiseptic to disinfect wounds. Today alcohol is being used to create many forms of fuel and is one of the primary components of many perfumes and colognes. The most known about use for alcohol is as part of an alcoholic beverage. It is here that people are consuming ethanol in their drinks, which often causes people to become intoxicated and therefore not able to function as they normally would.

Drugs on the other hand are an all-encompassing term that refers to a number of substances. All drugs however, have the ability to alter the current state and functioning of the human body similar to what happens when you consume too much alcohol. Drugs have been and continue to be used to treat illnesses and disease and most require a prescription from a doctor in to order to get them. There are drugs, often referred to as street drugs or recreational drugs that are not given through a prescription but are obtained illegally. Prescription drugs are often taken to relieve pain and to make a person feel better because of a medical condition whereas street or recreational drugs are taken to alter a person’s current mood or to enhance how they feel.

Alcohol and drugs have been proven to beneficial to the human body but only when taken as directed and in moderation. When taken excessively and illegally, drugs have a different effect on the body. Often people are not sure if they have crossed the line from using drugs correctly to becoming addicted. There are drugs on the market today that are referred to as being “uppers” whereas alcohol is referred to as a “downer”. Downers essentially slow the down the functions of the body and a person’s response time. People are not often aware that alcohol is a downer because they often feel good while drinking. Both drugs and alcohol when absorbed by the body can have devastating effects on the body. Both when used excessively can cause organs to fail or to not function as they should. While there are very few limitations placed on alcohol and its use, there are huge restrictions placed on drugs and what can be used legally.

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