Druze vs. Islam

Difference Between Druze and Islam The Druze and Islam are religions that seem to be from the same…

Difference Between Druze and Islam

The Druze and Islam are religions that seem to be from the same chain. It is believed that the Druze is derived from the fundamental Islamic principles. This article discusses the different aspects of Islam and Druze and points out the differences between the Druze and Islam.


The Druze is a religious community that has its origin in linked to Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. This religious community is one of the lesser popular communities in the world. Druze religion is believed to have originated in the 11th century. It is believed that the Druze community has originated from Ismaili sect. The religious community adds some other philosophies of other religions in this like Neoplatonism.


Islam is the religion which has its base in the Quran, a holy book of Muslims. The religion of Islam is based on the teachings and examples set by Prophet Muhammad, who is considered the final prophet of God. Islam instigated in Arabian countries during the 7th century. Muslims form a large religious community of the world and live in countries like Indonesia, Africa, China and Russia. Muslims are about 23 percent of the total population of the world. Among world religions, Islam is the second largest religious community which is increasing rapidly.

What is the difference between the Druze and Islam?

The Druze is the religious community that is not considered Islamic by Muslims. According to Muslims, a Muslim is one who has faith in Muhammad as the last Prophet of God . The Druze believe that a person may appear in the form of an Imam or Prophet. The religion of Islam, believes in existence of one God and considers the prophets as devout people sent by God to spread the teachings of Islam. The Islamic religion believes that Muhammad was the last prophet of God while the Druze religion denies the end of prophet hood with Prophet Muhammad. The Druze religion describes God as their leader they pray and believe that one day he will appear again. The followers of Islam believe in existence of one God and worship him. Druze considers Thursday as their day of worship, unlike the religion of Islam, which considers Friday as their day of worship. The Druze and Islam followers both believe in one God and they call God “Allah”. But, the Druze and Islam are different in that Islamic followers merely pray to Allah whereas those of the other religion also worship their leader. The religion of Islam supports the belief that a person gets life only once and they must follow under the rules that appeal to win Allah’s paradise after facing him on the Day of Judgment. The soul of human beings remains in its physical existence even after death. The Druze believe that after death, the soul can enter into another body. Like Islam, the Druze religion also the teachings related to the Day of Judgment when their acts in the world will be judged.


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