Dual Core vs. Quad Core

Difference Between Dual Core and Quad Core Two-tier core and quad core processors are which fall in the…

Difference Between Dual Core and Quad Core

Two-tier core and quad core processors are which fall in the category of processors which multi task. More than a core (processor) in course of study these have a unique integrated circuit design. A two-tier processor core has two cores in the same course of study and of a processor quad core have four cores in the same design. Processors multi-core and ability are broadly used in computers with general usage, the loaded systems, the network peripherals, etc to acquire the best use of processors to multi task. Software working on the system should be implemented in such way that they are able to acquire the full use of dual and multi function of the processors.

What Dual Core?

Processors having two-tier core have two core of processor in the same course. And each of the cores has his own mask. In a simple processor core is traditional, during the execution of instructions, if requested data are not in the mask, data must not be extracted from memory RAM (Random Access Memory) or from a peripheral of stocking, which decelerates execution since the processor has to wait until it accepts data. But with two cores, every core carries out instructions separately and therefore when a core achieves in memory of the other core the first process gets executed. It would allow ameliorating the performances of the system. Especially with multitasking, if it is only the single processor, performances are going to suffer because the processor would have to topple over between both processes. As a result multitask can accomplish best performance if it is more than a core. AMD Phenom II X2 and Intel Core Duo are two examples of processors two-tier core.

What Quad Core?

Processor Quad Core is a processor in four cores in the same course of study. But, the first processors quad core has every core separate in four dies and they are combined in the single packet to form a processor quad core. Later processors with four cores in the same specific design came and they were called monolithic processors and quad-core. Besides, certain processors quad cores are fabricated by combining two processors two-tier core in the single packet. Processors quad core have the capacity to carry out four different instructions at the same time. So, it is capable to circulate several applications at the same time. But the most part of applications are not developed to take the full advantage of capacities quad core. They are conceived for processors with simple core. The applications which are developed to work on several tasks at the same time can take full advantage of a processor quad core.

What is difference between Dual Core and Quad Core?

Processors two-tier core have two core of processor in the same design and processor quad core a processor with four cores in the same design. As a result, a computer with a processor quad core should better succeed than of a computer with a two-tier processor core. But it would not always be true since the most part of applications are developed targeting the environments of unique or double foundation. As a result, they will not be capable of taking the advantage of the improvement of performances provided by processors quad core.




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