Dutch vs. German

Difference Between Dutch and German Dutch is a language spoken by a majority of people residing in Netherlands,…

Difference Between Dutch and German

Dutch is a language spoken by a majority of people residing in Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam who are members of the Dutch Language Union. In West Germany, the Dutch language is more predominantly spoken. There are around twenty three million people who speak in Dutch as their first language and another five million who use Dutch as their second language. Dutch is also spoken by large minorities comprising around 6,000,000 who are primarily Dutch and living in different regions of France, Germany, Canada, Australia, United States and Indonesia. The Dutch language has various dialects in which it is spoken like the South African dialect and has been normalized into Afrikaans, which is usually referred to as a daughter of the mutual languages are is spoken by around fifteen and twenty three million people belonging to South Africa and Namibia. The German and English languages are the two languages that are relatively close to the Dutch language. Dutch is considered to be a language that lies between German and English, yet differs from them in terms of the grammar system of both the languages. Dutch language is seldom related to German and follows a design of formation of words. Dutch usually uses the order of words in and their use in clauses. The vocabulary of the Dutch language has been derived from the German language and makes more romance loans in comparison to the German language.

The German language is also a language that finds its base in the Western parts of Germany. German is thought to be related to Dutch and German languages. It is considered to be spoken by a hundred million native speakers. The German language is deemed to be one of the largely spoken languages throughout the world and especially in the European Union where it is mostly and widely used language as the first language. The origins of the German language go back in time to the 6th century AD from where a large number of contexts have been discovered and the consistent shift of High German which is a language that was brought in to speaking with the passage of migration period where the old dialects of German were segregated from the new dialects.

The Dutch and German languages comprise of almost similar letters with pronunciations which also happen to be the same. There is however a variation in pronunciation of some of the words and letters in German when compared to Dutch. However, there are some territories in Germany that make easy from the pronunciation as is done in the Dutch language.

A simple comparison of both the Dutch and German language is provided here. Dutch is a language in Germany that is being spoken in a number of territories of Europe. Dutch is also spoken as a native language such as Surinam, Netherlands and Belgium. A large number of communities in France and Germany also speak the Dutch as their first language. Dutch has been observed to be responsible for the origin of a number of languages that are currently being spoken in Southern Africa. Afrikaans is one of these languages that have their derivation to the Dutch. The German is another language of West Germany and is also closely associated with English. In European countries, it is spoken in Germany and Austria along with a number of people living in Switzerland who also speak this language. There are some other communities living in US, Brazil and other places speaking German.

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