Duvet vs. Quilt

Difference Between Duvet and Quilt There is a plethora of styles in vogue all over the world when…

Difference Between Duvet and Quilt

There is a plethora of styles in vogue all over the world when it comes to beddings. These styles go under varied names and patterns that are prevalent especially when one wants to snuggle under the covers for a warm and cozy night’s sleep. There is often an element of confusion due to the difference between a duvet and a quilt amongst people who have their preferences to call the blanket used by them as a quilt or a duvet. Yet there are several differences between a quilt and a duvet that will be elaborated in detail to remove any doubts.

In Asian countries, a quilt is also called a razai, which are a kind of blanket which keeps a person warm and comfortable during the winter season. Quilts generally have a cover which could range from cotton to silk with a filling inside that may be fibers or cotton and a rear that are stitched together in a way to avoid the filling from coming out or moving in  the covers. There are various designs and patterns in different cultures yet serve the fundamental purpose of giving warmth and comfort. One thing that sets apart quilts from other kinds of bedcovers is the way they are stitched, making beautiful patches on the quilts. Quilts are offered as presents on significant occasions like the birth of a child or weddings. The beauty of the quilt at times is so impressive that they are used as a wall hanging or even a table cloth.

The word, Duvet is a word to depict a special kind of bedding or a bedcover which is extremely comfortable, warm and fluffy and cozy in nature when compared to a quilt. These types of beddings stemmed in the continent of Europe and are presently are being used in all parts of the world. When you take a look at a archetypal duvet from a distance, you would take it to be a cover comprising of plenty of pillows inside. These fluffed up pillows are nothing but feathers of ducks well known as down which are stitched in a fashion that would render the duvet to be tremendously soft and comfortable.

Although duvets are far simpler in comparison to a system of bed sheets, quilts and quilt covers since you only need a duvet to make up a bed, there are several people use duvet covers to be able to wash it thus keeping duvet always tidy and spotless. Traditionally, duvets are white, off white or beige in color that stands in sharp contrast to quilts which have several elaborate designs and materials. In the present day, the use of wool, silk and cotton has become widespread as filler in a duvet replacing duck feathers or down.

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