Difference Between DVD R and DVDR The two standards for recording DVDs are DVD +R and DVD-R. DVD-R…

Difference Between DVD R and DVDR

The two standards for recording DVDs are DVD +R and DVD-R. DVD-R is the older while DVD +R is latest version. You can choose either format depending on the compatibility of your DVD player. The new DVD players mostly support both the formats.

The DVD means Digital Versatile/Video Disc, which we use to store audio, video and a variety of other data. Originally the CD was the only device for data storage, but now we have the DVD with greater storage capacity. There are many DVD recording standards, such as DVD-R, DVD RAM and DVD+ R. Here we talk about DVD+R and DVD- R. A common person cannot tell the difference between DVD-R and DVD R, as they look exactly the same and their characteristics are very similar.


DVD-R, known as dash or minus R, was the first DVD, whose format is compatible with disconnected DVD players, developed by Pioneer in 1997. Almost 93% of DVD players and DVD ROM are compatible with its non-rewriteable format. 4.71 GB its is storage capacity, but now 8.5 GB, Double Layer version is also available in the market. On comparison with CD-R, the storage capacity of DVD-R is bigger as it has small track pitch and pit size which makes it possible to write more pits in disc. Or writing, a red laser beam with 640nm wavelength is used with the lens that has numerical aperture. The DVD Forum has approved this format in the beginning.


The DVD R is the device for optical data storage, which is commonly used for video applications. In 2002, Alliance has released this particular DVD format, known as DVD plus R. This format was not initially approved by the DVD Forum, as it seemed that it does not meet the technical specifications for DVD. However, later in 2008, the official forum approved this DVD +R format. This DVD system has perfect system for error handling when we compare with other DVD formats. In addition, the speed of writing data on DVD+ R is quite high.

Differences and similarities

The development of DVD+R was an achievement with regards to technical specifications, though the users are unable to tell the difference between these two. The two formats are not compatible with each other, which mean that one recordable drive will support only one of them. The one supporting DVD+R will not support DVD-R and same holds true conversely. Being older, the DVD-R is still the most widely used in comparison with DVD+ R as DVD players were only compatible with DVD-R until 2004. On the other hand, the DVD +R is newer and has better format, which aids in better writing and handling the data accurately. Now the DVD+ R is compatible with 93% of DVD players. Though both the DVD formats can be used only once, the data cannot be rewritten on them. However, the DVD-R is more economical in terms of money. DVD- R and DVD+R can hold the same amount of data with storage capacity of 4.7 GB and which is 8.5 GB in double layer. DVD-R is supported by Pioneer and Apple whereas the DVD +R is supported by Philips, Microsoft, Dell and HP.


Although the two DVD formats are similar in many ways, but they are different, the DVD+ R is preferred because of little better qualities. On the other hand, the DVD-R is the older version and compatible with many DVD players. Users have the option of choosing any of these DVD formats, as many drivers are available, which support both DVD formats, thus making it easy to choose.


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