DVD Vs. Blue Ray

Difference Between DVD And Blue Ray Blu-ray or Blu-ray Blu-ray or Blu-ray as it is often incorrectly called…

Difference Between DVD And Blue Ray

Blu-ray or Blu-ray

Blu-ray or Blu-ray as it is often incorrectly called a format that is on a strong rise in the film industry, but not as strong as manufacturers and movie studios had hoped for, it is still a bit sluggish with sales of Blu-ray player across the retail market.

The reason that sales have been sluggish so far, I think depends on some particular factors.

Until now they have both Blu-ray players and Blu-ray films that were expensive to buy, but now the prices have gone down to reasonable level where even an average person can buy it.

It does not directly match the quality of a DVD if you have not experienced the difference in quality between Blu-ray and DVD then it’s like People buying new flat screen TV and throwing the older version to receive an enhanced image.

What is the big difference between DVD and Blu-ray?

The big difference is in the storage capacity of disks. A DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7 GB or 8.5 GB dual layer, Blu-ray disc, however, can store 25GB respectively. It has a 50GB dual layer. This is because the Blu-ray uses a blue / violet laser instead of a red as the DVD use, hence the name Blu (blue)-ray. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength than the red which means it can read more “fine print” than the red, so information on the disc can be packed tighter. Blu-ray also has a higher transfer rate than DVD.

In order to fit an entire movie on a DVD you have original material is compressed strongly, but as a Blu-ray has more space so it does not require as much compression, resulting in higher image quality.

Many believe that quality difference between Blu-ray and DVD is as great as between DVD and VHS.

What are the pros and cons of Blu-ray?

The absolute biggest advantage is of course the incredible picture quality that is 5 times better than DVD, that is to say that the picture contains 5 times more information than DVDs.

Although the sound quality of a Blu-ray disc is superb, with DTS-HD or Dolby True HD and Blu-Ray player connected to a 5.1 or 7.1 systems so you can get an experience like a movie theater.

There are greater opportunities for extras on the discs; many players also have the opportunity to so-called Internet BD-Live to be able to obtain additional materials and trailers etc.

All Blu-ray players can play back all previous formats such as DVD and music CD’s, most players are also able to “scale up”, thus improving the standard DVDs to a much better quality, not Blu-ray quality, but still …

Many Blu-ray Player has support for digital formats via network or USB so you can play your video files directly from your computer or via USB stick.

Some direct cons of Blu-ray is hard to find, but there are some things you should consider when going to buy Blu-ray players.

The charging time of the disc is slightly longer than the DVD, i.e. the time it takes from you insert the disc for the film will, so if you are disturbed by this, choose a Blu-ray players with short charging times.

The price of both Blu-ray players and movies so far have been high but is now rapidly coming down, there are currently very competent Blu-ray player for 2000kr

To fully enjoy the Blu-ray you need a Full HD TV. HD is capable of displaying Blu-ray as the picture is not that sharp.

Will Blu-ray to take over the market there are other options?

Although Blu-ray will increase in market share, then the DVD to survive a long time in parallel with Blu-ray, the fact is that both Blu-Ray and DVD have a common competitor in the digital media that disseminated online via download, both legally and illegally. There is currently great demand for high-definition movie can be purchased or rented directly over the Internet, the technology is not sufficiently developed yet but it will probably be the next big format and Blu-Ray is almost certainly the last “physical” disc format we will see.



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