Difference Between DWARF And ELF To people who are not much into mythology or fantasy stories or even…

Difference Between DWARF And ELF

To people who are not much into mythology or fantasy stories or even computer games, the difference between elf and dwarf is not at all clear. This is because both are short heighted people and so people regard the the terms as the synonyms of one and the same person. But in reality, this is not the fact. Along with being popular characters in computer games, fantasy stories etc, these two terms also find their place in the Greek mythology. Th main differences between these two have been pointed out in this article.

It is a popular belief that a dwarf is a short heighted person who possesses powers that are magical in nature and are mostly related to metallurgy, the example of such a dwarf is seen in the fictional story of the Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The dwarfs are depicted as small looking deformed facial features possessing miniature human beings.

Elves are thought to be miniature of Gods that govern the agriculture as well as fertility of the region they are worshipped in. They usually are women and men that possess tremendous beauty but there may be some that are ugly. They do not possess long beards as the dwarfs and are much younger than the dwarfs. The elves are also said to possess extraordinary magical powers. They reside in the deep forest areas that are untouched by human beings and also in caves and other isolated places. It is believed that the elves have been able to prevent themselves from aging with the help of their powers.

One can easily relate the dwarfs with humans because they show human emotions and are also very hilarious. Elves on the other hand can only be picturized as magical mythological creatures that are very serious and are mischievous too.

Nowadays however, the dwarfs are nowadays refer to those people who are short heighted. In the American folk tales, elves are depicted as short ugly creatures with long pointed nose and mischievous eyes.


1. Elves are mythological creatures that are supposed to be very beautiful and mischievous while    elves are mythological creaturs that are old and more human like

2. Dwarfs show human characters while elves are more serious and mischievous

3. Dwarfs have magical powers that are related to metallurgy but elves have super human powers.


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