Dysplasia vs. Metaplasia

Difference Between Dysplasia and Metaplasia The word Dysplasia is derived from a greek term meaning “bad development”. Metaplasia…

Difference Between Dysplasia and Metaplasia

The word Dysplasia is derived from a greek term meaning “bad development”. Metaplasia has derived its meaning from an another greek word meaning “change of form”. It is the process in which a cell of specific type is replaced by another cell of another different shape.

Dysplasia is usually characterized by increase in growth of immature cells which reduces the growth of mature cells. Dysplasia is an indication of a young neo-plastic progression. It refers directly to the state of the cellular defect limited within the tissue of origin, for example, tumor. Cell transformations in metaplasia are often a result of the start of unusual stimulus. In this case, the original cells are not strong enough to live in the new environment that consists of unknown and unusual stimuli. There are four different stages of pathological change in dysplasia.

Dysplasia and metaplasia are two different issues and not synonymous. Metaplasia are carcinogenic in nature. In contrast to dysplasia, metaplasia is caused due to stimulus and the same is responsible for the transformation.

Cervical dysplasia is often caused by cervical infections.. The virus related to this infection is the virus that leads to other aspects of condyloma or genital warts. The virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse also. Sex with multiple partners increases the chances that women will become infected with HPV. The virus infects the cells lining the vagina and reproductive system of women. Although metaplasia occurs when normal cells face severe stress from a physiological and pathological forms. In such a state of stressed cells begin to adapt to changing situations with non-cancerous cell growth


Summary :.

1 Dysplasia is a pathologic term used to refer to errors that prevent cell growth within a given tissue, but metaplasia is the process of replacement of specific types of cells with other cells of corresponding maturity in different species.

2 Dysplasia is cancer and metaplasia are not cancer.

3. If the unusual stimulus is removed then metaplasia can be stopped, but dysplasia is a non-reversible process.

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