Earth Vs. Venus

Difference Between Earth And Venus Our solar system consists of nine planets; each one has a special characteristic…

Difference Between Earth And Venus

Our solar system consists of nine planets; each one has a special characteristic and property. Among its neighbors, many scientists thought the planet Venus as Earth’s twin. This is mainly  based on the fact that the two resemble in size amidst all the other planets that are there in the solar system.  They also share the same surface and density.

Even though these might be the similarities yet there is a great difference between the two in several ways. An important difference is the surface temperature between the two planets.

Both Earth and Venus have an atmosphere, the atmospheric composition of these two planets varies and this is another big difference. Earth’s atmosphere is a mixture however that of the planet Venus consists mainly of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while the gases present in earth,  include nitrogen and also some parts of oxygen. Carbon dioxide shows the ability to capture heat energy from the sun the earth. Heavy amounts of CO2 contributes to the high temperature and no life on Venus.

The two planets can further be differentiated by the way they turn on the planetary scale. Earth rotates anticlockwise around the axis. That is why the sun is seen rising in the eastern direction and setting in the western part. The opposite is witnessed on Venus. The speed of the two planets rotatory motion is also very different. The Earth spins on the axis at a faster rate compared to Earth Venus, which then makes the experience more days.

A further difference between the Earth and Venus is that the planet Venus has no moon in orbit around the earth. Earth has a moon orbiting the earth; just as it orbits around the sun.


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