Economic Growth vs. Cultural Growth

Difference Between Economic Growth and Cultural Growth Both economic and cultural growths are necessary for the growth of…

Difference Between Economic Growth and Cultural Growth

Both economic and cultural growths are necessary for the growth of a country. The progress of a country is not determined by economic growth alone, it is also determined by its cultural growth. Sometimes people are confused as to how these two differ from each other.

Economic Growth

Economic growth is determined by calculating the increase of gross domestic product or GDP. The country’s gross domestic product is driven primarily by productivity improvements including but not limited to the production of more goods or services with the same contribution of capital equipment, energy and labor. Since a country’s progress depends on its economy, it is essential that her economic growth is positive.

Cultural growth

Cultural growth can be defined as how the crowd of nation stands in a host of other nationalities and how it shows show its culture. There are times that you mention a country and then the other nationality would not know where it is. The common expression, putting the country on the map, means to know your country by other nationalities.

The difference between economic growth and cultural growth

The first world countries have come a long way before they reached their contemporary status. The normal reaction we see from people when talking of a country is rich, we should learn their culture. The economic and cultural growth is a cycle. But here are some remarkable differences: Economic growth refers to the money while growing cultural people, traditions and practices handed down from generation to generation. In most cases, countries are noticed abroad due to how strong their economy is, rather than their cultural growth, although there are some countries better known because of their culture.

One thing that should be remembered that, it is the best that both economic and cultural growth are in the same direction; as this means we can expect a positive result.


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