Education Vs. Knowledge

Difference Between Education And Knowledge GE The words Knowledge and education also seem to be one word. But…

Difference Between Education And Knowledge GE

The words Knowledge and education also seem to be one word. But there is a line of difference which separates one from the other. Education may not always lead to knowledge. Education is an all round developmental process imparted in formal institutions like schools, colleges and other universities. One has to pass the exams to qualify for a degree whereas knowledge is the storehouse of wisdom acquired through informal institutions. It may be the result of reading good books extensively, or may be the outcome of good worldly education gained through experience. Knowledge may be acquired through discussions with peer group, even knowledge guru etc.

Another point of demarcation between knowledge and education is that knowledge is a self learning process while education is an acquired process where teachers, professors will impart or give the students the necessary knowledge. The whole life can be a process of gaining knowledge whereas education is time bound. Within a speculated set period of time the process of education must be completed.

So education is time specific. It grows with age. But knowledge has no relation with age .One can be knowledgeable at an early stage or even in an adult stage. There is a system of education but there is as such no system of knowledge. Facts and experiences lead to knowledge whereas education is an all round developmental process where learning is curriculum based with a limited range of subjects. It has nothing to do with facts.

Last but not the least education has nothing to do with life and its experiences whatsoever. The periphery of education is very limited but knowledge has no boundaries. It has no borderline. One can have the knowledge of science, arts, and medical together, where cumulative education can be pursued selflessly. But education leads to one direction specializing one in a specific subject and that too with a limited formed syllabus.

An education person can do a lot more in cultural transformation. Cultural gems can be transferred from one generation to another with this tool of education. Education makes one specialized in a particular field like becoming a linguist, socialist, educational psychologist is what education does.  The vital function of knowledge is to carry the gems of culture and its traditions a little further and thereby contributing to the betterment of the society.


1. Education is the process of gaining knowledge through formal institutions while knowledge is a life long learning process.

2. Institutions impart educations whereas knowledge has fixed boundaries. The world is its school.

3. Education is curriculum based, but knowledge is what gained from worldly education, and experiences.

4. Gaining knowledge is not limited to any particular age but education has a time period set.

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