Difference between EHR and EPR Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Personal Health Record (PHR) is not the same…

Difference between EHR and EPR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Personal Health Record (PHR) is not the same in every respect. Although both are related to data collection, these two have many differences.

In the EHR, the hospital or health care professional are controlling all the documents. But in the PHR, it is the person who has control over the documents.

In the EMR, all data is fully documented online while in PHR it’s both manually and electronically.

EPR is a comprehensive database of patients with many sources which are created by health professionals. However, the PHR can only be related to the information that is needed by a person or the information created by him.

A Personal Health Record provides information about symptoms, medications, special diets and exercise programs, and information from monitoring devices in the home. It also includes information such as allergies, illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, vaccinations and laboratory results. In contrast, EHR is the comprehensive record the overall health of a person.

A PHR will not contain any details about the evidence, the tones of the performers and other problems.

EHR allows physicians to assess the health of a person. EMR can be helpful for a doctor to provide the best treatment, and also reduce errors while rendering health care to patients.

As the individual manages all data and is the only person who has access to all documents, PHR has less cases of abuse and theft.

Summary :.

1 In EHR, control over all documents is given to the hospital or the provider. But in the PHR a person has control over the documents.

2 In EMR, all data is documented electronically. Data is electronically and manually documented in PHR.

3. The health care professionals create EHR. PHR is created by individuals.

4 EHR has a vision that is relating to overall health of the person.

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