Electric Airsoft Gun vs. Spring Airsoft Gun

Difference Between Electric Airsoft gun and a Spring Airsoft gun What is the difference between an Electric Airsoft…

Difference Between Electric Airsoft gun and a Spring Airsoft gun

What is the difference between an Electric Airsoft gun and a Spring Airsoft gun?

Electric Airsoft guns and Spring Airsoft guns are two types of replicas of real firearms. Instead of using real ammunition, the bullets they use are made of plastic. Although they look almost exactly like the real guns, they are not deadly and are use for recreational purposes only.

About the Electric Airsoft Gun

The gearbox of the Electric Airsoft gun needs electricity to operate. It can be plugged into an outlet, nut more than likely users prefer to use battery power because it gives them a better range of movement. This power is essential for shooting the bullets. The battery that comes with this gun is rechargeable. The electric variation of the airsoft gun is one of the high-end variations and can shoot more than one bullet in a single fire.

About the Spring Airsoft Gun

You can only launch one bullet in a single fire with a Spring Airsoft gun. This variation of the gun is spring loaded, which means that a spring compresses the air that then launches the bullets. This is one of the lower end variations of the Airsoft gun and is good for novices. It is a good choice to use this type of gun if you are in a shooting competition.

Difference between Electric and Spring Airsoft guns

These are ideal for recreational use and do not contain live ammunition. They use plastic bullets, but the manner in which the bullets are launched is the main difference between them. The electric variation uses a rechargeable battery and has the ability to fire several bullets in a single fire. The spring variation makes use of a spring to compress the air in launching the bullet. You can only fire one bullet at a time with this gun.

The electric version is the top end of the variations and is therefore more expensive than the spring variation.


  1. Electric Airsoft guns are automatic and Spring Airsoft guns are manual.
  2. Spring Airsoft guns are much cheaper.
  3. Spring Airsoft guns are best for beginners, while the electric ones are best for use in shooting competitions.

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