Electric Fireplace vs. Gas Fireplace

Difference Between electric fireplace and a gas fireplace The difference between an electric fireplace and a gas fireplace…

Difference Between electric fireplace and a gas fireplace

The difference between an electric fireplace and a gas fireplace

A fireplace is a very common appliance in homes both for heat and to create the perfect ambiance for romance and coziness. Homeowners have the option of purchasing an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace. The type you buy depends on your needs and your individual taste.

Electric fireplace

If you do not have a chimney in place or a fireplace where you can install a gas insert, then the cheapest option is to purchase an electric fireplace. The flames are not real but they do give the appearance of being a real fire. The source of the heat and the flames is electricity and you can set the temperature to your comfort level. These fireplaces have numerous designs that will suit any décor. There is a problem with this type of fireplace though when there is a power outage because you will not have the electricity to use it.

Gas Fireplace

Installing a gas fireplace is a costly venture. You do need to have the proper type of chimney, ventilation and it has to be installed by a professional. The fire is not the same as what you see in a traditional wood burning fireplace, but it does give a great heat.

How an electric fireplace is different from a gas fireplace

There is a difference in the price of an electric and a gas fireplace. An electric fireplace is much cheaper and there is a lot less work with the installation. All you have to do is put it where you want it to be in the room and plug it in to have a flame burning inside. In order to have a gas fireplace, you must have the proper type of chimney in place, a gas insert for the fireplace and the hoses have to be connected to outside tanks. You do need to have a professional do this work for you.

An electric fireplace is portable. You can move it to any part of the house. However, once you install a gas fireplace it has to remain in the same place.

Both fireplaces provide heat and an ambiance of comfort. The difference in price and installation are the major factors that you have to consider before you make your purchase.


  1. An electric fireplace is not as expensive as a gas fireplace.
  2. All you have to do to install and electric fireplace is plug it into an electrical outlet. The installation of a gas fireplace requires a lot of professional work.
  3. You can move an electric fireplace whenever you want, but you cannot move a gas fireplace.
  4. A gas fireplace will work without electricity.

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