Emergency vs. Disaster

Difference Between Emergency and Disaster Words, emergency and disaster, are distressing and send ripples to the bottom of…

Difference Between Emergency and Disaster

Words, emergency and disaster, are distressing and send ripples to the bottom of every spine. Although the emergency situation is a serious risk to health, life or the milieu and disaster is any phenomenon, whether natural or man made, that has the potential to cause immense devastation of life and property, the pure mention of any of these two words is sufficient to make people nervous. Yes, emergency and disasters are closely linked bury, but present are differences among the two that will be highlighted in this article.


As described above, the emergency refers to any circumstances intimidating and requires fast retort from you. When you see a risk to self, a property, health or environment, you act in haste to prevent everyone does aggravate the situation. Yet there are situations that require the leak and no action on your part can help lessen the danger to life and property. Emergencies have any balance and can influence a single individual to complete inhabitants in the region. For instance, a person who has suffered a stroke should be taken to a hospital in time to be given medical care. It is a small scale emergency as it involves a single individual and perhaps his family. In contrast an emergency is something like a Tsunami or an earthquake that strikes without any warning and require preparation and grounding to keep lives and property.

When it comes to defining emergencies, most experts agree that any situation posing a danger to human life are painstaking emergency cases, whilst those posing the threat to the environment , although serious, do not require action as fast and sooner than a case of emergency. It is imperative to note that some authorities do not consider it an emergency when there is an instant danger to the life of an animal population. On the other hand Hurricanes, fires, tornadoes etc. have the latent to expand the properties are incorporated in an emergency.

There are agencies that are occupied in the administration of emergency and their action is divided into four categories starting from a state of consideration for a rapid response, a recuperation phase and then finally mitigation.

There is a different case of an emergency is called as a state of emergency that is prompting governments to declare an emergency in the state and reducing the rights of individuals. This is an astonishing step to deal with civil unrest as the government people are usurped by the organization.


Any man made or natural chance with the latent to cause extensive destruction of property and human life is considered a disaster. The common people, a disaster is a phenomenon or event that tracks distance of destruction that also claimed human lives. Landslides, the earthquake, fires, explosions, volcanoes and floods are some of the well-known disasters although last, terrorism and related events have caused much more harm and destruction those natural disasters. Who can forget 9 / 11 26/11  in India? Both of these terrorist attacks are painstaking, still, that natural disasters as they have caused a bump in the human psyche than the loss of lives and property that are regular in any innate disaster.

Although the intensity of a natural disaster can be the same, it is after the effects are predictable in most developing countries than in advanced nations, developed. This is both because of high population density that because of the preparation in case of any Third World country. An earthquake in a developed country causes much less destruction than alike in a poor country with the uppermost population density and with houses that were not designed to manage with the tremor.



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