Emigrant vs. Immigrant

Difference Between Emigrant and Immigrant People are confused about the difference between the meaning of words and emigrant…

Difference Between Emigrant and Immigrant

People are confused about the difference between the meaning of words and emigrant immigrant. This is simply the perception of a person’s geographic location. If you, an Indian citizen are moving to US for settling there, then you will be an emigrant for your people back home in India. In fact, those residing within India, are labeled as emigrants. But for those in the United States, you are called an immigrant.

The common word that describes the movement of people from one place to place is called migration. This has been occurring since history. Even in a country, when people move from rural to metro areas in search of employment and better opportunities, they are called migrants. The largest migration in human history occurred when Pakistan and India received independence in 1947 from Great Britain and millions displaced from their places to another country.

Thus it is clear that immigrant is a person who moves from his country to another country for an immigrant is a person who arrives in a new country in his country. Immigration is a process that is ongoing and at all times, people persist to migrate place to place.

The emigrant is a person and the act of emigration is the process of transfer from one country to another. Emigration being an action is a verb and an emigrant, a noun. Emigrants immigrate to a new country for an immigrant comes from a different country.

Conventionally, people in poor countries wanted to immigrate to developed countries for a better living. They are called emigrants in their own countries, but are immigrants wherein they appear.

All over the world have called immigration departments established to limit the number of people from inside the country. But it allows people with a valid passport and a visa to immigrate and keeping their numbers under control. It is illegal to stop people from immigrating to the country.


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