Emo vs. Jock

What is the difference between Emo and Jock? There are many different stereotypes given to students in their…

What is the difference between Emo and Jock?

There are many different stereotypes given to students in their high school years. Two of these are Emo and Jock. High school is often a difficult time for adolescents as their hormone levels fluctuate and they experience growth spurts. Stereotypes are the groups that they build around themselves to help them adjust to the situation and to the changes that are occurring in their bodies and their lives.

What is an Emo?

Emo is the name given to a student who is introverted, sensitive, emotional and anxious. They are easily identified by their clothing – tight fitting jeans, T-shirts with the name of their favorite band and a prevalence of black as the main color. Accessories include studded belts, wristbands and some members in this group wear thick black-rimmed glasses. Some of the characteristics associated with this stereotype are depression, self harm and suicidal tendencies.

What is a Jock?

A Jock is the name given to a male athlete. The name comes from the athletic equipment, the jock, that males use to protect their private parts when they are engaged in sports. It was coined from the word that was the slang word for penis in the 1700’s.  In high school those who are considered jocks are really involved in school sports and athletic activities. This is also a subculture in high school where the members are really popular. Jocks are popular in school and all the girls want to date them.  There is another meaning that can also be attributed to the word jock because of the physical build and sometimes it is used to mean “all muscle, no brain.”

Difference between Emo and Jock

Emo and jock are opposite in meaning. Jocks are very popular while emos are on the outskirts of the high school culture. Jocks are usually athletic, very outgoing, and are often bullies. Emos, on the other hand, are the victims because they are aloof and nerdy. They dress differently and have a different view of the world, tending to be suicidal and inflict injury on themselves. They are expressive in artistic, literary and musical ways, and while jocks are also expressive, they do so in sports or physical ways.

Even though we are not bound to stereotypes, emo and jock are just two that have been created to easily identify people among the many members of the population.


  1. Emo is a term that refers to high school students who are introverted and sensitive. They can be depressed and have suicidal tendencies and some of them do inflict harm on their bodies. They wear tight jeans and T-shirts with band names on them and they also accessorize with studded belts.
  2. Jocks are the sports heroes of high school – the most popular guys. They have physical characteristics but often do not do well academically. Some of them are portrayed as being bullies.


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