Engineer vs. Scientists

Difference Between Engineer and Scientists Engineer and scientists are the types of jobs that contribute to increase in…

Difference Between Engineer and Scientists

Engineer and scientists are the types of jobs that contribute to increase in the knowledge in the society. The two professions are have the intentions of understanding our nature and then implement its rules in our own lives. The number of scientists and engineers in a country may reflect the amount of development occurs there. As professionals performing research, that mathematics is a key tool and a language for them to express their ideas. IT is the newly added tool for the job both scientific and mechanical engineering.


The scientist is a person who carries out experiments, make mathematical equations, develop theories and publish them to understand nature. These experiences can either be physical or conceptual. Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilee are examples of scientists who have thought experiments. James Clerk Maxwell is a person who has used mathematical equations to develop models for electromagnetism.

There are many types of science known as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, earth science, and so on (these are the natural sciences and there are other types such as political science, the economics and social sciences as well). A scientist can work any of these fields to draw the conclusion. The conclusions made by scientists are accepted only if they followed a special procedure known as ‘scientific method’.


The engineer is a person who uses the theories developed by scientists in the real world applications. Engineers refer to the needs of human and exploit the laws which are governing the nature. According to the field concerned there may be many types of engineers such as mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, materials and software engineers.

Engineers are people who connect needs and consumer science into one. Unlike scientists, engineers must also consider the effectiveness of the cost of a design in addition to scientific theories. They also involve the production, maintenance and work in sales in addition to the research, design and development work. Most engineers become managers after they develop a few years of experience.


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