Engineering vs. Technology

What is the difference between engineering and technology? Society would not be able to function without engineering and…

What is the difference between engineering and technology?

Society would not be able to function without engineering and technology. From the earliest times these two facets of life have been intertwined and progressively advanced with each generation. However, in order to be able to explain how these terms are different it is essential to know what each one means. Engineering is a field of study, but technology refers to the application of science and technology.

Science is knowledge or understanding about some subject of nature and that knowledge is based on logic and experimentation, but it has to be able to be verified. The study of Nuclear Physics is an example of this. Engineering is both a field of study and the application of knowledge. Its purpose is to create a product or a structure. If the principles of science are used to create a structure, then the structure is said to be a product of engineering.

Technology is also the application of science and knowledge that one gains through logic and experimentation. This presents a problem in trying to show the difference between engineering and technology. The structures that are the result of technology have to be complex, such as the latest appliances that have been developed. The term is used mainly to refer to processes where we use our knowledge of science and engineering is used to create products that are useful in society and the environment. The first instance of its use was to describe man’s ability to make use of the natural resources found in the environment to make tools that could be used in everyday life.

Engineering refers to the study of design systems in order to create structures, machinery, systems and processes in addition to applying this knowledge in practical ways. An engineering college is an educational institution where students are instructed in how to perform the work of engineers.

Technology and engineering affect society and human life as well as the environment. Through the use of both of these people can make use of the world around them so that the nation in which they live can continue to advance. Both are essential to the infrastructure and economy of all countries of the world. All advancements that are made in engineering and in technology make life better for mankind and are essential in saving lives in times of natural disasters.


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