English Labs Vs. American Labs

Difference Between English Labs And American Labs Among the many pets, dogs occupy a place of prime importance.…

Difference Between English Labs And American Labs

Among the many pets, dogs occupy a place of prime importance.  They may be security guards at home because it is very particular about their territorial domain. But most importantly it is one of the most loyal pet one could ever have.

But certainly, they are dogs that are not so loyal and well-worn and look for some people. In addition, as many in fact, dogs can be very clear in terms of her appearance. For dog lovers would really want to show dogs or intelligent dog. With these properties mentioned the very first dog breed that hits the mind is a Labrador retriever, or “lab”. There are primarily two types of variants in Labrador Retrievers. This is the English Labrador Retriever and Labrador Retriever American. Although some will say there is no as such distinction between an English and American labs, but there really are significant differences between the two kinds.

A Labrador retriever is from the United States and one from England. The American labs are sometimes referred to as field laboratories, the English labs often called the show Labs. These dogs are very intelligent compared to other dogs. As said, the two labs have the kind of personality as well. English Labs are more of quiet natured while the American labs are more extrovert and energetic.

People petting both American and English Labs usually do not see the variations in physical characteristics. There is no significant difference in weight of American laboratories and English labs. American labs weigh much more than the English Lab. The weight of the American labs can be as heavy as 70 kg going up to 120 kg. English Labs, however, would weigh around 60-85 kg. They also have differences in their structure. Head of American labs is shaped narrower than a big block head of the English labs. The American Labs body structure is dull and thin in comparison to the English Labs which are thick and stacked body. The English Labs legs are much shorter. As far as the tail is concerned, the American lab has a whip like tail; the English Lab is the proud possessor of an otter kind of tail.


1. An American Lab has its origin based in America; the English Labs on the other hand are from England.

2. American Labs is ferocious, the English labs are quiet.

3. The American lab is much heavier than the English Lab.

4. Both have different bodies and their specific size, nose, feet and tail

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