Error vs. Mistake

Difference Between error and mistake What is the difference between error and mistake? Although the two words “error”…

Difference Between error and mistake

What is the difference between error and mistake?

Although the two words “error” and “mistake” both mean that something wrong has been done, there are differences between the meanings of both words and they really can’t be used as being synonymous. They refer to something done incorrectly because of misunderstanding or because of not paying close attention.

To say that you have made an error means that you did something wrong because you misjudged something or you thought incorrectly. An error is more serious than a mistake and is usually reserved for use in formal situations. It is an important problem that will take a lot of effort to correct or resolve. It is more technical in nature, which is why it is always applied to computer and programming applications.

A mistake, on the other hand, is something that you just overlooked and is easily remedied. A typo is a very common mistake, which is why you need to proofread what you type. Mistaking sugar for salt is another common occurrence because they are both the same color. It is not considered to be very serious and usually refers to something that happened accidentally. This is the term you use when speaking with family and friends.

The difference between error and mistake

When something goes wrong you can call it an error or a mistake. An error is more serious in nature and generally refers to a formal situation where you made a misjudgment. A mistake is quite common and easy to fix. It refers to something that happened by accident – often due to not paying close enough attention. Everyone makes mistakes.


  1. Mistake is the term that usually refers to an incorrect judgment or something you did wrong by accident.
  2. An error causes a lot of problems and is more serious.
  3. An error is used in a formal setting, but a mistake is informal.
  4. A mistake is very common in everyday life.

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