Esophagus Vs. Trachea

There are many differences between the esophagus and trachea. If you are under any confusion about these two…

There are many differences between the esophagus and trachea. If you are under any confusion about these two important parts of your body, take a look at the differences that we have listed below:


The first and most obvious difference is that the trachea is part of the airway and esophagus is part of the GI. Since they belong to different systems, they perform special functions

Structure-tracheas, called trachea is harsh and wide tube which helps move air in the bronchi. It is an important part that breathes through the lungs.

Since it provides the body with oxygen, it is very important for the trachea to stand at all times. Some allergies can cause inflammation of the trachea. The patient faces imminent death unless he receives urgent medical treatment.

The esophagus is a small and flexible structure (of course, look at the amount of food that needs to go!). It is the link between the mouth and stomach. The muscles of the esophagus transport food from the mouth to the stomach.

A second difference between the two link is the structure they have. The windpipe has both thoracic and cervical areas. It stretches from one end of the larynx.

In the esophagus, which has three sections-the cervical, thoracic and abdominal parts. It extends from the base of the neck to the opening of the stomach. It has a range of constriction that fall in the right place.

On the other hand, the structure of the esophagus is very flexible, it can swallow almost anything!


Another is the important difference between two of their blood supply. .. The esophagus is supplied by blood vessels in the neck, chest and abdomen

However, the trachea is mainly present in the inferior thyroid artery


  1. An trachea is part of the airway and esophagus are part of the digestive system. The windpipe and esophagus, move food and the air.
  2.  The trachea is a long tube, the esophagus is more flexible.

c. The windpipe is made up of two parts while esophagus has three parts.

d. The trachea is supplied by the inferior thyroid artery esophagus has its supply from various arteries in different parts of the body.

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