European Union vs. Council of Europe

Difference Between European Union and Council of Europe The European Union and the Council of Europe are the…

Difference Between European Union and Council of Europe

The European Union and the Council of Europe are the two different bodies established with the purpose of having a common goal, that of a united and prosperous Europe. Both of these European organizations come with their own sets of responsibilities and goals. There are specific secondary bodies and institutions working under these. They provide many suggestions to develop a better economy, to enhance democratic principles ​​and supremacy of human rights and values.

The European Union:

The European Union is the political and economic amalgamation of twenty-seven European states. The European Union (EU) has a set of laws and rules that are followed and supported by all member states, be it on any economic system or policy. There are two types of organizations working under the European Union who come to be independent candidates and under intergovernmental control. The Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the European Parliament and European Council are all prominent EU institutions. The EU population is about five hundred million people, scattered in all member states. In specific areas, there a some laws in which carrying the passport is not compulsory and free movement of services, people and goods is permitted and common legislative standards are maintained.

Council of Europe:

The Council of Europe is another European integrated agency, which has forty-seven EU member states. The Council of Europe lays a lot of importance on democratic development and the development of human rights. Its main bodies are the European Court of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. This organization also lays emphasis on cultural cooperation and sharing of legal standards. It is also concerned with awareness of human rights in all its member States, which have a population of more than 800 million.

The European Union and the Council of Europe are two independent European organizations aimed at the progress and development of Europe. Both of these have their own laws and method of working. Each applies their rules in their own ways and within their scope of function.


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