Evolution vs. Creationism

Understanding the difference between evolution and creationism It is important to understand that there is a difference between…

Understanding the difference between evolution and creationism

It is important to understand that there is a difference between the terms “evolution” and “creationism” because they are not interchangeable, even though they both deal with something new that occurs in nature. Evolution refers to the changes that occur in nature through heredity, Creationism refers to the changes that occur because of the development by a super power. Thus creationism refers to the belief that God created the world and the universe. It is a much older concept than that of evolution, which refers to the changes that came after the world was created.

What is Evolution?

Evolution is the name given to changes that occur in nature over the course of time. These changes are specific to genetics and refer to the changes that occur in living things due to heredity and that which can be observed over generations.

There are several reasons why these evolutionary changes do occur in living things.

  1. The concept of reproduction in living things brings changes to the genetic factors of each generation.
  2. Evolution can have a great effect on all aspects of life from the physical to the psychological.
  3. Micro-evolutionary changes are small changes.
  4. Macro-evolutionary changes are major changes that have an effect on the environment.

Evolution is a subject that has been studied from every possible angle – biological, philosophical, psychological, medical and non-medical.

What is Creationism?

Creationism has its basis in religion. Everything that exists around us and we, ourselves, are creations of God, who is a super power. Creationists do not believe in the Big Bang Theory, evolution or that the solar system may have been the result of a reaction to other matters in the universe. They believe that God is the creator.

There have been many criticisms leveled against Creationism because there is no one belief that is standard. Even among the scientists who hold with this theory, there are many different beliefs.

How evolution is different from creationism

Both concepts attempt to explain how the world and living things developed, but they do so in different ways and each one rejects the beliefs of the other. Those who hold with the theory of evolution believe that the universe was created billions of years ago by a big bang – the Big Bang Theory. Creationists believe that God created the world and all living things, but different religions have different theories about how this happened.

According to evolutionists, the world already existed and life naturally evolved. Creationists believe that there is a higher power that is responsible for everything that happened on earth in the past and there is no basis in the belief of continuation. In evolution, man evolved from apes, but in creationism, human beings are special and are formed in the image and likeness of God. Evolution is the direct opposite of the theory of creationism because it goes against religion.

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