Extremism vs. Terrorism

Difference Between Extremism and Terrorism The usage of violence in one form or the other by the human…

Difference Between Extremism and Terrorism

The usage of violence in one form or the other by the human beings for their own personal benefits and achievement of goals is a problem faced by all the countries of the globe. Irrespective of the fact that the Constitutional body is democratic or autocratic , there are sections of population who feel they are not getting their rights due to them and ensure they receive them; they form secret organizations and take arms to lead a struggle against the regimes. These struggles become aggressive and cause great annihilation in terms of property and lives. There are two words that are extremism and terrorism which are widely used to portray acts of violence. These are closely connected concepts that trouble many as they can not tell the distinction between them. This article attempts to emphasize these differences.

Terrorism is something that is really hard to define. Even after years there is no definition that is universally accepted. It is really surprising that although each recognized the scope as well as the threat of the phenomenon, some terrorists are champions of the oppressed and dispossessed. This was the reason that prevented the formation of a definition of terrorism that was accepted universally.  However, the situation has changed dramatically since 9 / 11 and most countries now recognize that the use of violence and force sells in the acts causing the destruction of property and also death of people who are innocent as acts of terrorism. The old adage that the end justifies the means longer applies to terrorism these days and costumes that have initiate the moral, political and even money to other groups and nations today are simply terrorists.

Historically, terrorism in one form or another was always practiced by political organizations, whether in power or in opposition to further their goals and objectives. History is full of organizations of the entire clamor from left to right wing groups, nationalists and religious groups who have used violence to attract the attention of authorities that are important to their critical condition. Terrorism has two main goals; we must create terror in the minds of those that the terrorists consider to be the authors of removing a section of a population and the other needs to attract the attention of the mass media and world powers to their critical condition and organization.

Extremism is a concept that is almost similar in nature to terrorism. There are countries where the administration began using the word extremist those who indulge in acts of violence that are intended to create terror. Yet, historically, the extremist is a word that has been linked with political ideology that was in stark contrast to the moderate or who is in violation of conventional standards of society. There is no doubt that the term extremism has assumed a variety of cries in the framework of modern day and is a derogatory term no offensive than terrorism.



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