Facebook vs. Myspace

What is the difference between Facebook and MySpace? Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the…

What is the difference between Facebook and MySpace?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, but MySpace is a close second. On both of these sites you can build a network of friends and communicate as often as you wish no matter where the friends are located. You can post updates to your status, photos and videos on both sites as well.

About Facebook

When Facebook was first launched in 2004 it immediately became popular with millions of members in a very short period of time. It is a staple for communicating with friends all over the world but it is also a form of entertainment with the many game applications that it offers. Although it was primarily designed for use by students of Harvard University it is now available to anyone. Privacy is important on this site and users are not able to see who has viewed their profiles.

About MySpace

Even though MySpace was developed before Facebook it doesn’t have the popularity of Facebook. Its main competitor was Friendster in the early days of social networking sites. It is mainly the domain of teenagers who connect with each other, but membership is not limited to this age group. It doesn’t have any games, but it does allow users to change the format of their profile page.

Difference between Facebook and MySpace

Facebook users have the option of using many game applications but MySpace does not have this option. The original design of Facebook was for use by college students and MySpace was designed for teenagers to use. You are not able to change the look of your profile page on Facebook, but MySpace has many options for users to get really creative in designing their own page.

Users of Facebook don’t have a problem with receiving spam messages because the software is designed to prevent spamming. Users of MySpace have all kinds of problems with the issue of spamming and this has been a source of frustration for the teenagers who use the site and parents who monitor their children’s online activities.

Both have been advantageous in allowing people to communicate with others in different parts of the world. It really is a matter of preference whether you use Facebook or MySpace.


  1. The main focus of MySpace is communication and uploading photos and videos. Facebook offers a wide range of applications in addition to these services.
  2. Facebook is big on the privacy of its members but MySpace is not.
  3. Facebook has a safeguard system in place to prevent spam, but MySpace has major problems with spam messages.
  4. You cannot change the format of your profile page on Facebook, but you can do this on MySpace.


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