Facebook vs. Orkut

What is the difference between Facebook and Orkut? Facebook and Orkut are two popular social networking sites that…

What is the difference between Facebook and Orkut?

Facebook and Orkut are two popular social networking sites that have many members worldwide. Both of them have captured the interest of massive numbers of people and are used by people of all ages and all walks of life.

About Facebook

Facebook was initially designed for use by Harvard University students only. The developers, Mark Zuckerberg,Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, were roommates and students of computer science. It was officially launched in February of 2004 and today it has about 600 million subscribers in all parts of the world.

About Orkut

Orkut was also launched in February 2004 as a result of Google’s failed offer to purchase the social networking site known as Friendster. Originally Google hosted the site in California, but moved the base of operations to Brazil in 2008 because the bulk of the users were from this country. Today, Orkut has about 100 million subscribers.

Differences between Facebook and Orkut

Although Facebook and Orkut are social networking sites where you can connect with your friends, they are different in the way they work. For one thing, Facebook is a form of entertainment with the many different games you can play on the site. Orkut does not have any game applications. You cannot find out who has visited your profile on Facebook, even though there are rumors that you can, but this privacy option does not exist on Orkut. You can see who has been looking at your profile on this site. You can also rate and be rated for sexiness and hotness on Orkut, but this is not permitted on Facebook. Your profile is only visible to those who are your friends on Facebook but on Orkut anyone can view your profile.

Both sites exist because people want to connect with one another and this interest in people is what makes them thrive online. In terms of privacy and applications, they are different because Facebook is a more private and secure social networking site than Orkut.


  1. Facebook protects its members’ privacy, but Orkut does not.
  2. You are not able to find out who views your profile page on Facebook, but you can do this on Orkut.
  3. There are no applications on Orkut, but numerous ones on Facebook.


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