Facebook vs. Twitter

Difference Between Facebook And Twitter Facebook Facebook is a social networking site founded in 2004 by students of…

Difference Between Facebook And Twitter


Facebook is a social networking site founded in 2004 by students of the Harvard University. It derives its name from directory of American schools. It allows registered users to connect with acquaintances, friends, relatives and strangers, sharing with them personal information such as interests, hobbies and sensitive data. Much of the strength of the wheel on Facebook is the sharing content. You can share photos, links, videos easily.  You can call your friends with their tags. Facebook is experiencing tremendous growth (600 000 000 active users in January 2011) and is still adding.  Its mobile version in particular is proving very successful due to dedicated applications.

The monetization of the service is based on targeted because users on Facebook share huge amount of information. There are two obscurities of Facebook. The first is overvaluation of the title that could lead to a new financial bubble (in May 2011 was quoted $ 100 billion) and second is the management of Privacy Policy users.


Twitter was born in 2006 and can be understood as the natural evolution of SMS messages carried on the Internet. Twitter, which takes its name from the verb ‘to tweet’ which means chirping. It is a service of Micro-blogging in real time, or micro communications of a user to the web. Messages cannot exceed 140 characters. The messages are called tweets. You can also share information as hyperlinks, locations (geo) and photos. Although widely used, especially in Anglo-Saxon world, Twitter does not currently have a real method of monetization and this is considered a possible financial bubble given that its assessment in early 2011 was about 7 billion dollars.

Both Facebook and Twiter interface with other social networking sites and with each other to create a single communication flow. Twitter also is considered by many a communication channel busier compared to most popular Facebook. Despite this, both services suffer from continuous waves of spam.


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