Fact vs. Theory

Difference Between Fact and Theory Both these words have different meanings and are applied in different domains of…

Difference Between Fact and Theory

Both these words have different meanings and are applied in different domains of studies. They have their own definitions and are quite distinct. Science is one field where both of these terms are used.

In the domain of science, facts are easily observed and they are valid for any phenomenon and objective no matter if it is simple daily happenings or scientific phenomenon. If a test is conducted where there is the variable factors are eliminated and the environment is totally controlled, then the phenomenon is an obvious fact because the phenomenon will remain true till there is a better way of keeping measurement of a phenomenon.

However as far as theories are concerned, they are more like explanations to the observations. It is of more importance than that of a hypothesis. Hypothesis is the stepping stone and theories are the second step when a new scientific law is being formulated. These statements are believed to be true no matter if there is no solid evidence. The theories are nothing but general assumptions and agreements between scientists. The theories are statements that are subjected to various tests to reject the claims by the people.

Let us have an example. In case of a report, where a tsunami killed thousands of people somewhere due to careless evacuation by the local experts the fact is that many were killed by the tsunami. The theory here is cause of so many deaths. The cause may be tsunami and also probably the careless evacuation plan. Thus we can see that the fact is the real truth and the theory is the presumption.

  1. Thus we can say that facts are what is observed and theories are the explanations.
  2. Facts are reality and theories are assumptions.



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