Facts vs Opinion

Difference Between Fact and Opinion Fact refers to something that actually exists while opinion is just a belief…

Difference Between Fact and Opinion

Fact refers to something that actually exists while opinion is just a belief or that which is said by  someone. Fact is derived from the Latin’factum’.It is always supported by an objective experience.

An opinion may not be supported by substantial facts Opinion can be termed as a subjective statement and Fact though an objective reality can also be a subjective statement.

Facts are the reality, a real view while opinion is the perception of objects. It doesn’t require facts. When one says that ‘I am very happy ‘it means his subjective view but when one says to other person that ‘he is happy’ then it is a mere opinion. It may have some truth or not.

Facts are more praiseworthy and acceptable than opinion as it has much truth in it. Although people may have different opinions on any subjects, they can be either endorsed or disregarded. Opinions may vary but people like facts because it is mostly supported by real events. It may even lead to public controversies. Facts are strongly pronounced while opinions are the fleeting waves of time. In the annals of historical pages facts will always remain but opinions die with times. Facts incite a person and can easily influence others but opinion lacks the force to make a long lasting impact.

The proper distinction between facts and opinion must be understood. Epistemology is a kind of philosophy that distinguishes clearly between fact and opinion. There is a physiological difference between male and female and that is called fact but preference for one gender is the opinion.

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