Facts vs. Truths

Do you know the difference between facts and truths? Fact and truth seem to be the same thing,…

Do you know the difference between facts and truths?

Fact and truth seem to be the same thing, but they do have different connotations. Facts are not necessarily truths and it is this that causes confusion as to the meanings of the words.

About Facts

Facts are collected pieces of information about a topic. It is assumed that facts are true, but this is not always the case. One can also arrive at facts though a series of logical conclusions. They can be nothing more than a collection of statistical data that then needs to be interpreted into text in order for it to be understood. What is a fact in one part of the world may not be so in another. Therefore, facts are not universal.

Facts are objective and are considered to have a permanent nature. They do exist in reality and are a subset of truths. Facts are answers to the specific questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.

About Truths

Truths refer to whether the collected information that is called facts is in fact valid. You cannot arrive at truth by drawing logical conclusions, even if they are based on facts. Something has to be seen or experienced in order for it to be a truth.

Truth is never presented as statistical data. It is true anywhere in the world and therefore it is universal. It can be subjective and only for a moment in time. What is true in one instant may not be true in another. Truth can only answer one question – why.


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