Fad Vs. Fashion

Difference Between Fad and Fashion “Fad” and “fashion” is cleverly interwoven. Typically a fad and fashion are considered…

Difference Between Fad and Fashion

“Fad” and “fashion” is cleverly interwoven. Typically a fad and fashion are considered the same, but they definitely have some differences. The difference between a fad and fashion can be understood from the following information.

Even more important, fashion is always present in some form. It continues to change, continues to turn, keeps adapting to societal changes, new times and changing industries, while a fad is first and foremost a fashion that lasts for a very short period.

The word “fashion” basically used for people who keep up with today’s fashion and adapt their personal style. A fad, however, is a special type of fashion over time. It may continue for a short period, but all want to follow. Most of the general population in a given society is a certain way that is short-lived is fad.

“Fad” and “fashion” is seen in many aspects of life, clothing, accessories, music, dance, fashion, etc., fashion, universal, be related to clothing and accessories and shoes or boots, but the Fads are concerned to many things that a particularly behavior in a particular form of dress, music, dance, food. Fashion often occurs and is driven by a desire to be part of something, be part of a group. A fad is followed collectively.

Fashion and fads have been found to have an impact on society. For example, the hippies started as a fad. People wanted to follow the movement of revolt against the general rules that belong to a particular group of people who rebelled against it. That affect lasted for many years, changed the fad perspective of people, changed the way people dressed, their thoughts and behavior. But as it was a fad, it faded away. Fashion, however, is changing. For example, dresses for the ladies, cocktail dresses for ladies, button down shirt for men, they still exist as long as humanity exists, but will continue to evolve.

Summary :.

1.Fashion is always present. It can change or adapt, but is still present. Fad, however, disappear quickly.

2.Fashion is selected and monitored by many people in a society. It can be viewed by people related to film or television or in the fashion world. Mode is followed by a significant portion of society.

3.Fashion is fundamentally related to clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup and hair, while the trend may be clothes, music, performances, food and dancing.

4.Fashion is depending on society, how society has evolved, what changes in lifestyles people have adopted.

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